Note about cruise cancellation due to weather conditions.

Because it is always better to be clear about everything from the beginning, please read all this very carefully. Cancellation due to weather conditions is something that happens several times a year.
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Weather conditions in North Vietnam can be pretty adverse sometimes and hit sparsely through the year in different forms. To make it short, cruising in Halong could be suddenly forbidden by the authorities in charge due to dangerous weather conditions. Those troublemaker conditions can be:

  • • Storms or tropical depressions through summer and fall mainly.
    • Thick fog during winter time.
    • Too abundant monsoon rains between June and the end of August.

The way we deal with it highly depends on the time we get the information from the authorities in charge (often issued at 11h00 daily). But basically, there are 3 possibilities and it goes like this:

1) We were warned about the authorities’ decision not to allow boats to leave the pier BEFORE we departed from Hanoi. In that case, a full refund for everyone. We can help you to reschedule your trip and book replacement services or so.

2) We are warned about the authorities’ decision not to allow boats to leave the pier AFTER we depart from Hanoi. In that case, we will take you back to Hanoi. If we already are in Halong at this time, we will have lunch on the boat and then drive back to Hanoi. You will get a partial refund and pay only for the services used: transportation and potentially lunch on the boat/local restaurant (guide salary is for us).

3) The third eventuality is that we are allowed to cruise during the day but overnight on the boat is forbidden. In that case, we propose you turn your trip into a 1-day tour to Halong, we refund the price difference. You may prefer to cancel your trip (only if we have the cancellation order before departure) and get a full refund. Or you may want to cruise during the day, sleep overnight in a hotel in Halong, and see how tomorrow is going to be (the cost of this would be calculated by our travel consultants and proposed to you).

In case anything seems not clear to you, please feel free to ask further explanations to our travel consultants. And in case of cancellation we please you to keep those three very important things in mind:

  • We are not responsible for any cancellation decision.
  • We try our best to minimize the inconvenience caused by the cancellation (we don’t hide the decision from you and take you to Halong and then back for fun to charge you some transportation fees, it is a promise).
  • We offer a fair refund policy. There shall not be any further financial compensation. In case you have travel insurance, we are happy to write a cancellation report for you.

Thank you very much for your understanding.

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