As a Halong Bay responsible cruise pioneer, The Treasure is proactively acting for better cruising practices in the region. We are not organizing an environmental revolution (we would love to, but let’s be realistic for a while), but acting at our scale to minimize our social and environmental impact. We also raise awareness among clients, boat crew, local authorities and floating fellows from the archipelago.

Cruising on less traveled routes, hiring and training local people, buying exclusively local fresh products, organizing yearly clean-up tours in the area, promoting the practice of kayak, supporting a big environmental project in Vong Vieng floating village, informing and giving advice to our clients, working in close collaboration with local authority on sustainable development issues, refusing to participate in spoiling the caves and other natural areas (the way some caves are exploited in Halong bay is an insult to nature preservation and a slur to visitors’ dignity)… are some of our actions and initiatives for more responsible tourism.

We steadily seek to improve on board our journey towards sustainability. This way, the following big Rs guide us to operate every day in a greener, smarter, and more efficient way.

REduce single use plastic by:

  • REfilling water bottles.
  • REuse bamboo and Inox straws. Banning the sale of plastic water bottles on board.
  • Working with our suppliers so that our goods can be bought in bulk or with more eco-friendly packaging.
  • Using biodegradable bags.
  • Installing shower trenbolone buy dispensers in the bathrooms.

Now for you to contribute to better tourism, here are a few tips to keep in mind when you go for a cruise.
1. Bring from home some mineral/bio sunscreen. The coral and maritime biosphere suffer from chemical creams.
2. Consciously use freshwater on board.
3. When using the air-conditioner, set the temperature to 25 degrees minimum and set the fan on automatic.
4. Turn off lights and air-conditioners when you do not use them. Check the bathroom’s light twice, it is a tricky one.
5. Do not leave used batteries or any plastic packaging on the boat.
6. While kayaking, ask your guide for some equipment to collect floating garbage on the way (mostly plastic bags and polystyrene blocks). You’ll raise awareness around you.
7. Spread the word about responsible cruises and help us promote different practices.


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