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Thursday, 07/05/2015, 17:12 GMT+7

Because it is always better to be clear about everything from the beginning, please read all this very carefully.

Cruise Responsibly

Cruise Responsibly

The Treasure is proactively acting for better cruising practices in the region. We are not organizing an environmental revolution (we would love to, but let’s be realistic for a while), but acting at our scale to minimize our social and environmental impact. We also raise awareness among clients, boat crew, local authorities and floating fellows from the archipelago. 

Cruising on less traveled routes, hiring and training local people, buying exclusively local fresh products, organizing yearly clean up tours in the area, promoting the practice of kayak, supporting a big environmental project in Vong Vieng floating village, informing and giving advices to our clients, working in close collaboration with local authority on sustainable development issues, refusing to participate in spoiling the caves and other natural areas (the way some caves are exploited in Halong bay is an insult to nature preservation and a slur to visitors’ dignity)... are some of our actions and initiatives for a more responsible tourism. 

We steadily seek how to improve also on board our own journey towards sustainability. This way, the following big Rs guide us to operate every day in a greener, smarter and more efficient way.

REduce single use plastic by:

  • REfilling water bottles.
  • REusing bamboo and inox straws.
  • Banning the sale of plastic water bottles on board.
  • Working with our suppliers so that our goods can be bought in bulk or with more ecofriendly packaging.
  • Using biodegradable bags.
  • Installing shower dispensers on the bathrooms.

Now for you to contribute in a better tourism, here are few tips to keep in mind when you go for a cruise.

1. Bring from home some mineral/bio sunscreen. Coral and maritime biosphere suffer from chemical creams.

2. Consciously use freshwater on board. A short shower uses less water than a longer one; scientists proved it.

3. When using air-conditioner, set the temperature to 25 degrees minimum and set the fan on automatic.

4. Turn off lights and air-conditioner when you do not use them. Check the bathroom’s light twice, it is a tricky one.

5. Do not leave used batteries or any plastic packaging on the boat. Bring all that back to the land, and if possible to the main city and if possible to your home country where rubbish is better processed.

6. While kayaking, ask your guide for some equipment to collect floating garbage on the way (mostly plastic bags and polystyrene blocks). You’ll raise awareness around you.

7. Spread the word about responsible cruises and help us promoting different practices.



The cruises on Halong bay can be sometimes interrupted due to unfavorable weather. So please take some minutes to read the explanation below carefully and understand our reaction with weather affects.


Weather conditions in North Vietnam can be pretty adverse sometimes and hit sparsely through the year in different forms. To make it short, cruising in Halong could be suddenly forbidden by the Halong Bay Management board due to dangerous weather conditions. Those troublemaker conditions can be:


yes Storms or tropical depression through summer and fall mainly.

yes Thick fog during winter time.

yes Too abundant monsoon rains between June and the end of August. 


The Halong Bay Management final their decision of cruise cancelation either at 8:00, 11:00 and 15:00 daily and the way we deal with it highly depends on the time we get the information from the authorities in charge. 


But basically there are following possibilities:


1. Cruise cancelation notice on the departure day:


  • yes Cancellation notice by 8.00: you’ll get a full refund for the trip. We can help you to reschedule your trip and book replacement services or so.


  • yes Cancellation notice at 11.00: we arrange a lunch on boat (or local restaurant) and then drive you back to Hanoi with our shuttle bus. Arrival time is expected to be around 18:00. For this option, we charge USD 65 per person for used services and refund the rest.


  • yes Cancellation notice at 15.00 (you embarked the cruise already): we revert into a day-trip cruise. You will have lunch on the boat, cruise the bay for about 4 to 5 hours [kayaking might be impossible] and then return to Hanoi by shuttle bus. Arrival time is expected to be at 22:00 at your hotel. For this option we charge USD 90 per person in refund the rest.

2. Cruise cancellation notice on the second day


  • yes Cancellation notice at 8.00: we’ll back to the boat pier at around 9:00 and arrange a shuttle bus back to Hanoi. You’re supposed to arrive around noon time. Lunch service on this day is not included. For this option we charge as 75% o Treasure 1-night package tour and refund the rest.


  • yes Cancellation notice either at 11.00 or 15.00: we continue the cruise itinerary and back to the boat pier at 17:00, you’ll then return to Hanoi by shuttle bus. Dinner is not included. Arrival time is expected to be around 22:00. For this option we charge as 1-night package plus USD 50 per person.

3. Cruise cancellation notice on the third day 


  • yes Cancellation notice at 8.00: we’ll back to the boat pier at around 9:00 and arrange a shuttle bus back to Hanoi. You’re supposed to arrive around noon time. Lunch service on this day is not included. For this option, we’ll refund USD 45 per person. 


For kids aged from 6 to 11 years old and paying 50%, we will apply the same policy and charge 50% of the amounts mentioned above.


In case anything seems not clear to you, please feel free to ask further explanations to our travel consultants. And in case of cancellation we please you to keep those three very important things in mind:


We are absolutely not responsible for any cancellation decision.

yes We try our best to minimize the inconvenience caused by the cancellation (we don’t hide the decision from you and take you to Halong and then back for fun to charge you some transportation fees, it is a promise). 

yes We offer a totally fair refund policy. There shall not be any further financial compensation. In case you have a travel insurance, we are happy to write a cancellation report for you. 


Thank you very much for your understanding. 


The Vessel

The Vessel


The Treasure is a one of a kind vessel in the whole Halong archipelago. Based on a solid structure and re-designed in a wooden junk style. It is stable, able to navigate in any seabed of the region and can easily face the rough if needed.

Its giant sails may come as a support to the engine if the winds are with us, they are part of the folklore and give a nice sensation of embracing the big outdoors [editor’s note: absolutely no boat in Halong bay can sail only without the engine running]   

The Treasure is a large vessel, very spacious and comfortable. You will find yourself particularly cozy on it.




The Treasure features 15 cabins, all equipped with comfortable bedding, private western standards bathroom and a stunning view through large windows. The cabins are distributed as follow:

# 2 suites | potentially connectable | 43 sqm | king size bed | bathtub Jacuzzi | A/C | private balcony

# 2 double cabins | 11.5 sqm | queen size bed | shower cabin | A/C

# 10 twin cabins | all convertible into double| 11.5 sqm | 90x195 cm beds | shower cabin | A/C



Features and Activities

On all of its itineraries, the Treasure offers some kayaking. Real expeditions to lagoons, creeks and floating houses, around the huge standing karsts formations, always away from any other boat. We use Necky kayaks, high quality equipment, imported from Canada and carefully maintained.

To entertain your cruise, vegetable carving and cocktails classes are available. Sometimes upon request as it depends on the number of people on board. Nice wooden board games are also available.

The Treasure features a very large sundeck that you may enjoy anytime of the day. With a cup of coffee witnessing the transient serenity of the bay early morning; relaxing in the sun with a privileged view at the limestone labyrinth; celebrating with a drink this once of a lifetime moment when the moon rises over the karsts.



Food and Beverages

The Treasure offers a long drink list featuring softs, beers, spirits, wines, cocktails, mocktails, smoothies... to slake your thirst and set the aperitif up or accompany a romantic dinner.

Our chef and his team are devoted to offering you some of the most reputed cuisine of the region. The selection is wide and ingredients always local and fresh. Seafood-based, but not only, the menus are well balanced. Vegetarian and kids can be catered for. We strive to make each meal a colorful event for both eyes and papillae.